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Friday, April 06, 2007

Deep thoughts....well, maybe not deep thoughts

So these pictures of baby animals brought up two major thoughts.

1. Pretty much anything is cute when it's a baby (look at the pigs).
2. things that are cute and look like you would want to cuddle with on a cold night for warmth should not want to rip your face off. I mean, who wouldn't want to cuddle with a polar bear? They are large, fuzzy, and warm...and, unfortunatley, they will dismember your body and have it for an evening snack. It's just not fair!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Weekend highlights!

1) Saturday some of my friends and I celebrated my birthday. While we were at Kathy's for dinner, Liz and Kathy told me it was time for my birthday surprise. My surprise? My friends all chipped in and got me a Kitchenaid mixer....How do I not have the greatest friends?!!!

2) OSU made it into the finals...Go Bucks!

3) Liz, Amanda, Mike and I road tripped it to Detroit to see Snow Patrol. It was probably the best concert I have seen. They were truly amazing!

4) When we got to our hotel room, we were looking through the Detroit books to see where we could eat that was close to the theatre. We found an add for a Restaurant called "Crave" Written underneath the name, it said that it was "the sexiest restaurant in the country" Amanda and I said, "what makes a restaurant the sexiest in the country" So, Liz decided to call and find out. The conversation (from what we could hear) went something like this:
Liz: "Hi Stephanie, my friends and I are in from Ohio and we saw an add for your restaurant and it says that it's the sexiest restaurant in the country. Well, we were just wondering what makes it the sexiest restaurant in the county? (Pause while Stephanie from Crave talks) "Oh, so there aren't any naked waiters or anything? (Again, pause for Stephanie) "Oh, Ok well thank you for your time Stephanie". It was hilarious!

5) So, right across the street from the theatre we were in was the Baseball stadium where wrestle mania 23 was being held. This made navigating the city difficult because apparently 75,000 people turned out for wrestle mania. So we played this fun game where we tried to guess who was going to wrestle mania and who was going to see Snow Patrol.

6) The band Ok Go opened the concert and the lead singer said, "So, have you guys heard of Kids Bop? I didn't until the other day when I friend of mine sent me a link. Apparently they it's a bunch of 9 and 10 year olds covering pop songs...they covered one of our songs. So, then I did the mental math of what it would mean for a 9 or 10 year old to sing that song. Cause really the song is about waking up totally hung over after a one night stand and thinking what the heck just happened. And so, I have to wonder, how many 9 and 10 year olds can relate to that song?"

7) Wrestle mania conveniently ended at the same time our concert did. So we wandered around the streets of Detroit looking for a place to grab some food. After eating, we went back to the parking garage and sat in our car for about 30 minutes before we could even move anywhere because there was so much traffic. Some guys in the garage started honking there horns and Amanda said, "you get them all testosteroned up with the kicking of ass and then expect them to patiently wait their turn?!"

So, as a tribute to seeing a wonderful concert, I though I would include some of my favorite snow patrol lyrics....

"It's starting to get to me, that I know more of the stars and sea then I do of what's in your head..."
~It's starting to get to me

"Get up, get out, get away from these liars' Cause they don't get your soul or your fire. Take my hand, knot your fingers through mine and we'll walk from this dark room for the last time"
~Open your eyes

"One giant leap of faith is easy when everyone you ask is so sure"
~Grazed knees

"Shut your eyes and think of somewhere Somewhere cold and caked in snow By the fire we break the quiet Learn to wear each other well "
~Shut your eyes

"I need your grace To remind me To find my own "
~ Chasing cars

Friday, March 23, 2007

The last two weeks...

So, it's been a busy past few weeks. Allow me to recap.

Friday March 9:
My parents came in to town because Saturday we were leaving to go to North Carolina for a week. My mom came with me to look at some codos because the topic came up about a month earlier that maybe I should buy. Mom, my realator and I looked at about 6 condos that I felt would be possibilities for me. The first condo we looked at, my mom and I both liked the best.

Saturday March 10: 8:30am- Mom calls and says, " I think you should put in a bid on the first condo we saw yesterday." 8:45am- I call my realator and appologize for calling at 8:45 on Saturday morning and ask to look at the condo agaon because we may put in a bid. We meet at the condo, look through it again and decide that we will make an offer. We then leave for vacation. 3:30pm- I get pre-approved for a mortgage loan.

Sunday March 11: Evening- The seller did not accept our offer and countered.

Monday March 12: Morning- We make a counter offer, then we go to see the Builtmore Estate (It was lovely by the way).

Tuesday March 13: Evening- We find out the seller accepted our counter offer...yay!

Thursday March 15: Afternoon- somewhere in West Virginia the home insepection is scheduled. Evening- arrive back in Columbus.

Friday March 16- 4:30pm, Home inspection.

Friday March 23- Still trying to figure out where the mortgage loan is going to come from, what colors I want to paint in my house and creating an on-call spread sheet for Nathan, Pete, Ben, and Patrick in case there are ever any bugs in my house (spiders in particular) that need to be "taken care of".
Anyways, I am mostly excited about being a home owner... a little terrified, but mostly excited!

Saturday, March 03, 2007


I was inspired by Ashley's post... so here are some lyrics that have stuck out to me lately.

Sometimes, the last thing you want comes in first.
Sometimes, the first thing you want never comes.
I know that waiting is all you can do... sometimes.

"Strange and Beautiful (I'll put a spell on you)" : Aqualung

Sunday, February 18, 2007

on my playlist

1. Absolutely nothing- Lily Allen
2. Sunday- Sia
3. Other side of the world- KT Tunstall
4. Stolen Car- Beth Orton
5. Hold you in my arms- Ray LaMantagne
6. Transatlanticism- Death Cab for Cutie
7. Sing- Travis
8. Stolen- Dashboard Confessionals
9. Stars and Boulevards- Augustana
10. High and Dry- Radiohead

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow Day!

On Monday we were all talking about how this huge snow storm was on it's way to Columbus. Of course, no one believed it. Usually when they say HUGE SNOWSTORM, we really get 1 inch of snow. However, to all of our surprises, we awoke yesterday morning to 3-4 inches of snow! Every school in the Columbus area was closed, people couldn't get to work, even some businesses were closed. By 9:00 most of my friends had communicated with each other that we did not have work. So, what better thing to do than to all be in the same place and hang out all day! The next logical thing to do was to gather everyone up and go sledding. yes, at 9pm last night in the snow and sleet, we braved the elements to go sledding. There is something about snow that turns people into 5 year old. After a few hours we decided it was time to be dry, so we went to Kathy's house and drank hot chocolate and watched the Office and hung out...the whole day was glorious! We went home late thinking that we would all probably need to go to work at some point on Wednesday. Well, we are now in a level-2 snow emergency. And, for the 4th time since 1950 (or somewhere close to that date), OSU is closed. The last time this happened was right around this time in 2003. Yay for snow days! The trick is, can I do something productive with the time?

Monday, February 12, 2007

I am an aunt...sort of!

At 2:14 this afternoon, one of my closest friends (an her husband) had their first child. Molly weighs 7lb 6ounces and she is BEAUTIFUL! Amanda and I went to the hospital to visit them after work today. It was definitely emotional, although I only cried a little and I didn't throw-up. About half way through Abby's pregnancy I had this re-occurring dream that when I went to the hospital to visit her I threw up. I was really hoping that this was not a prophetic dream... and it wasn't! It was just kind of a surreal experience to see my college roommate and one of my best friends with her baby... she is a mom. I think I am still wrapping my head around that. Anyways, here is a picture of myself and Molly!